The Stell/Grown Alchemist Review

The Grown Alchemist Amenity Kit includes a Day Cream, a Lip Balm and a Hand Cream. I purchased mine from the STELL and for anyone in the US trying to purchase Grown Alchemist products, I highly  recommend that you purchase it from the Stell because they charge a measly $5 shipping fee as opposed to more or less $30 from Grown Alchemist themself. I’m not sure of how it’ll play out in other locations, but this is just an example for the states. The shipping quality from the STELL was fast as well as efficient and they even threw a couple of generously sized samples, a hand-written thank you card as well as 2 pencils. Companies that send handwritten cards are seriously the best and I am definitely more susceptible to splurge with the smaller companies that do such things. I feel like the little things like those won’t last, typically because once word gets out and organic skincare is the new trend, they’ll have too many orders to hand-write cards for. This happened to one of the companies I order detox teas from, but i’m more glad that they’re getting business as opposed to sad that I didn’t get a handwritten card. To me, it’s always nice/inspiring to see small businesses prosper as well as supporting them especially when they do a phenomenal job like The Stell.

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Now for the brand itself Grown Alchemist, they’re an Australian based skincare brand that is revolutionizing the organic skincare game with better formulations. While many companies may try to present organic skincare, Grown Alchemist has been one of the few that I’ve encountered that actually put out very high-quality products that didn’t break me out. My skin is very sensitive so I was very happy that I only had positive results. The Day Cream is very good for those with dry skin because its like an instant moisture surge. I usually have to add at least 1-3 layers of moisture to avoid my skin gaining any patches or dry spots so this usually seals the deal within one thin layer. Even though this kit does come with a rather small amount,  it does last quite the amount of time. All in all, I look forward to repurchasing the full-sized item.

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As for the Lip Balm, its just a lip balm but not just a lip balm? It performs very well, but I find it hard for anything to top the Glossier Balm Dotcom. It is very moisturizing, but has a different texture which I love. The formulation and packaging were done very well, and at nearly the same price as the Glossier Balm, it’ll be tough to choose which to repurchase.  The scent also isn’t anything like a punch in the face type of intensity, which is a huge bonus because, I don’t usually like intensely scented products.

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The Hand Cream was amazing. I haven’t found a hand cream formulation that I actually would keep repurchasing, but this changed the game. The previous formulas that I was used to like were the Nature Republic and L’Occitane but, the Grown Alchemist is on a completely other universe as opposed to level. The texture wasn’t too thick and wasn’t too thin. Similar consistency to L’Occitane but better. I feel like both Nature Republic and L’Occitane have a bit of a greasy after feel or intense scents. This has the perfect scent and efficient packaging to win the game.

As for the value for this kit, the Hand Cream alone 20 mL values for $15, the 12 mL lip balm is $13, and the day cream is valued at around $10. So for a $24 priced kit, you typically save around $14. A great Grown Alchemist starter kit to get a feel of how the brand truly is.

In addition, the samples I received were an Aromatherapy Oil and a Cleanse by Lauren Napier wipe. I can’t wait to bring them on my next vacation, especially since they’re super travel friendly. Thank you The Stell!


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