How to Make or Avoid Unnecessary Purchases

So I’m always seeing hauls around,  but this time I’m gonna describe a list of products that I hope to purchase in the future. I’ll also help guide you as to my mechanism as to how I shop. You should always really look at an expensive purchase from multiple standpoints, and I’ll explain just how I do that. Now do I sometimes give in and just buy it? I work hard for my money so it does happen once or twice.. or five times..

Sidenote: I literally had no idea what to choose for a featured image so I used this image from my first post to promote it:) The products were also pretty pricey so that’s another factor.

Now I watch a TON of Suze Orman, and she’s literally taught me more about my finances than any class I’ve ever taken. She really opens your eyes and helps you see what is really essential and what isn’t. Since I began watching her show, my thought process on making purchases has been completely reinvented, so I’ll show you just how I consider buying something.

Gentle Monster Sunglasses : in particular these. I only recently got into sunglasses and I always wear the RayBan Aviators, but these look like mere perfection. So why haven’t I bought them? Well if I lived in California where its sunny and bright nearly everyday I would have, but since in my state where it’s basically cold a majority of the time I said it really isn’t that a necessity. When you get to college, you’ll get to realize reality is basically a real thingand saving is a lot more important than $230 sunglasses in a state where its basically always winter. I mean some people wear sunglasses in the winter and fall, but that’s just not my thing. 

Next Up Fragrances: Honestly I seriously can never get myself to purchase a full sized perfume because I never finish them ever. I’ve looked into Aerin, Replica and Chloé perfumes honestly just because of the packaging and picture/blogging purposes. They do smell good, but at over $100 each and me being picky and getting tired of everything very very fast, I buy the rollerballs. In my opinion they work just as well and they’re only 1/4 of the price. Now you may say that since I never buy full sized perfumes, now can be an opportunity to buy one? NOPE. I’ll eventually buy one, but as of now I’ll pass. The rollerballs last just as long and they’re obviously a lot easier to travel with and throw in your bag.

SK-II anything. Now this is something I would 100% justify, maybe not at this age since they’re kind of age prevention products, but maybe in a few years when those wrinkles might start to show up. In reality who am I really kidding, as an NYU Stern student, from my first semester alone I gained so many wrinkles under my eyes from my lack of sleep.. haha kidding! (not really). Maybe I should buy it now? When it comes to my skin I am willing to pay up because I know its something i’ll 100% use and it’s something that benefits me. Skincare is a major necessity to me so I’d rather drop $100 on SK-II essence than perfume.

This YSL tote. Now this is something I’m actually considering right at this moment to buy before the Fall semester begins. Now I know that its something that I’ll definitely use throughout my years of college, but I’m worried about the quality of the bag. I went to a YSL store to check it out and the material was pretty thin and light, so I’m worried if it’ll break since I carry my Macbook, a notebook and a few other items. Especially after actually working and making my own money, I’m questioning whether or not I should actually buy it. I’m in the market for a high quality bag that can last for a long time, so hopefully this might be the one!

A Diptyque candle. Now I don’t even understand why I want this candle in all honesty. I’ve never used a candle, but it just looks so picturesque that I feel like I need it. I’ve seen people do DIYS where they get a candle and just slap a label on and it does look the same. I just can’t see why I would spend $30 on a candle, but I still want it?

Aesop anything and EVERYTHING. I’m internally crying because their products are amazing but SO expensive. I mean it seems like the whole “you get what you pay for” has really been making an appearance lately. I’m always buying things that I really don’t need or have too many of, like this very pricey hand balm. Now I have a ton of hand creams lined up, but I feel like I need this one.. I won’t buy it though because as I’ve previously mentioned that I pretty much am a fan of EXO, I bought these hand creams so I’m very stocked up…

You guys, I posted this article on Mogul here if you want to check it out! Thanks for reading!!

Part II of this post is right here!


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