Summer-Fall Nail Colors

I’m constantly changing my nail polish color, either due to being tired of a color or a manicure not lasting, and its usually the latter. I’m usually just the wear dark polishes in Winter/Fall and light colors in Spring and Summer. Paying to get your nails done is usually just overpriced for what you get, so I try to not go often. I usually go during my exam period because I’m super stressed out then.

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You don’t necessarily have to buy these specific polishes and their brands because honestly its really your base/top coat that makes a difference. Now of course pointing out the obvious, a $3 polish going up against an $8 or $18 polish will have a difference in performance, but with good care you can manipulate it to feel like the most expensive of polishes. I really love this base coat, but I still feel like it could be a bit better.

Two of these polishes are from a South Korean brand, Etude House. These polishes are opaque and and very good quality for the price. Most higher end polishes are around $8-$15+ which is just out of range especially when an under $3 nail polish does the exact same job. Etude house: basically has good wear, except it takes quite a while to dry compared to the other two brands I will mention. But for only around $3 I definitely won’t complain. I also really love the simplistic design of the bottle.

ProTip#1: To increase opacity of a sheer polish that may require more than 2 coats, start with a layer of white polish then a layer of the color of your choice. here in #6 PK005 (left polish)

ProTip#2: I used this color or the blue above, along with a black polish to create a marble look. Its the perfect beige-nude shade that enhances the marbleized effect here in #33 BR409(right polish)

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetOPI was one of the first higher-end polish brands that I tested out. It dries quickly and has pretty good longevity. I would say, with a good base and top coat, it can perform the same in terms of longevity in comparison to the Etude House.
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John Russo: This I recently got at a networking event, and its pigmentation, drying as well as longevity are so on point. Very expensive, but you really do get what you pay for with this polish.

Trends? Marble and glass nail designs are pretty popular still, and the marble is my current favorite. The glass nail design is easiest if you just get Nail Stickers it makes it a lot easier considering I haven’t found a salon to actually do the design.Usually start off with a black or white polish and cut “glass shard” pieces out and you’re done. Other than these and the whole holographic polishes major trend, these are the only ones I would try.



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