bareMinerals BarePro Powder Review

I’m a huge fan of the bareMinerals base products. As in, their foundations, powders and primers! I love the bareSkin foundation because it looks seamless, as if it was just your skin but 1000 times better. The one i’ll be talking about today is the bareMinerals BAREPRO Performance Wear Foundation!


I mentioned in a previous post before, specifically this one, and by swatch it was smooth and had an amazing texture that didn’t seem like it would cake up. (Spoiler * I was right it doesn’t cake up haha)

I don’t think you need the brush they specifically designed for it because the product is so well designed that you can use any brush. From the cheapest to the most expensive, a good dense brush will do!

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It even comes with a supersoft sponge!

Now it claims to be long wear.. 12 hours to be specific, and it really did do just that! My school days and over the summer work days are basically 10-12 hours with my commute so, my foundation is always melted away (I don’t use setting spray either). I currently use the Clinique Even Better Foundation, but I’ve been slowly getting tired of it. I mean I’ve been using that same foundation for about 3 years now haha.

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The packaging is very thick! Here’s a comparison to their concealer

Another thing to mention, but the most obvious and oblivious factor is that powder foundations either fail to give coverage, are too heavy on the skin,or just cake up and form a ton of dry patches. This foundation on the other hand, avoids all of those things. It somehow has a moisturizing factor that makes it feel seamless and flawless. They said that it was made up of 90% vitamins and minerals and with my test, it does play out.

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It’s also pretty large in size!

Another bonus is they have 30 shades.. THIRTY. Most powder foundations come in around more or less 12 shades. That’s one of my favorite aspects of bareMinerals. They always have an amazing range of shades for most of their products.

I can’t wait to keep using it! Let me know down in the comments if you have any questions!


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