My Makeup Routine for University!

This takes me more or less 10 minutes in the morning! I usually give myself barely any time to get ready in the morning, because I’d rather take that extra precious minute of sleep!

Note: I do this mostly everyday, but some days I’ll just skip my brows (because they’re already pretty bushy/full) and eye makeup!

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First up, after my long cleansing/skincare routine, which I will make a post about soon, I start with primer! I made a post on this amazing Hourglass primer here, so go check it out for more details! I adore this primer and when it runs out, I’ll be flying to the store to get a new one! Right after primer I add my lip balm. I love this Skinfood lip balm that I mentioned in this post, because it adds such a smooth effect to the lips without being too heavy!

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Then I take my bareMinerals concealer and my CoverFx brush and conceal only my dark circles. I never conceal pimples or scars! Honestly most of the time (97%), I’m WAY too tired so I just take my ring finger and gently dab the concealer on.

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After that step, I’m basically awake so I grab my BeautyBlender and my Clinique Foundation and start blending! I love using sponges as opposed to brushes because I feel like it’s a lot less tugging on the skin and tugging=wrinkles. If you’ve read my last post, then you’ll know wrinkles are one of my worst nightmares. I love both of these products and I’ve bought quite a few of both of these already!

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Now i’ll add this creamy blush stick from Clinique which I love! I’m not fond of the powder blushes, so this one is perfect and easy to blend!

By this step, I’ve either ran out of the time I’ve budgeted or if I by chance have time, i’ll add eye makeup and brows, and of course the lipstick which I never can leave without.

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I mentioned this Jane Iredale cream shadow in Iced Brown in a previous post, and I’m still loving it! It’s so easy to just swipe on for amazing bronzy shadow that stays on!

My brows are pretty full already so I try not to add anything major to them, so I just add a brow gel to fill the minor sparse areas or just take a brow wiz and fill it in slightly.

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For lips, I usually use the  Chanel lipstick in Pirate or this Estee lauder lipstick in ??. I just got this one so I’ve been 1000% obsessed!

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