My Recent Skincare&Makeup Favorites

These products have really been working well with my skin and these are products that I’ll definitely repurchase in the future!

1.KLAIRS Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion
2.Newage Vitamin C Facial Oil
3.Fresh Rose Face Mask
4.Grown Alchemist Watermelon &Vitamin Lip Balm
5.bareMinerals BAREPRO Performance Wear Foundation

First up, I’ve finally found THE perfect sun lotion. I’m going to do a full review on the KLAIRS Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion within a weeks time since I just got this product, but it was love at first swatch! It has a rich mousse texture that makes it really easy to apply and since I have tan skin it does not have a white cast. That alone sold me over. It will brighten your face like how my favorite primer gives you a glow but I haven’t seen a white cast like basically every sun lotion does.

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Next up, I wanted to buy the Glossier serums but then I saw the price, and laughed at its ridiculousness and started using this one. This one made ALL the difference in my skin. My skin has cleared up and my acne scars have significantly decreased since I started using the Newage Vitamin C Facial Oil. I got it from a TJ Maxx for like $3 so I’m literally just in shock that it works so well.

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I love face masks, so when I got a sample of the Fresh Rose Face Mask I was pleasantly surprised at how well it performed. I love Rose products because they brighten the face really well, and this one really moisturizes your face and gives you a glow. It’s very pricey but I felt that it did my skin wonders.

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I’ve gotten tired of the Glossier BalmDotCom which really doesn’t react well to different temperatures, so I got the Grown Alchemist Watermelon &Vitamin Lip Balm and it’s amazing. It has a smooth and creamy texture that lasts for a long time. I really hate those lip balms that work for the first 2 minutes then dry your lips out right after. *shade*  It is pricey at $23 but the tube will last for a really long time, so it’s a product worth getting!

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With all of my new and favorite skincare products, my skin has been doing really well so I’ve been getting into Powder Foundations. The bareMinerals BAREPRO Performance Wear Foundation has amazing coverage for a power foundation. I did a full review on it, so you can check that out here! I love their range of shades, because my skin is constantly shifting so I’ll have to buy my “Fall” shade soon!

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