ColourPop Review & Swatches

I recently purchased some of ColourPop’s Ultra Matte lipsticks, and I have somewhat mixed feelings for them. Let’s get into the review/haul!

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Shades ordered:
Tulle,AvenueBad Habit, More BetterBumble ,Lumiere 2

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Now i’m an 100% newbie at liquid lipsticks, which is why I started off with ColourPop since they’re only $6 a piece. As an overall review, there’s definitely a formula inconsistency which I hate because some have a really creamy texture but some are so runny and thin that it drips out of the package.. Then there are some that look and basically are completely different shades than what the side advertised and what other’s of my skin tone swatched. It seems like their shades change with the batches. On the other hand, they don’t have any scents which I really enjoyed!

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I loved the shades Avenue, Bad Habit, More Better and Tulle but I wasn’t a fan of Bumble or Lumiere 2. I heard so many great reviews and saw so many swatches of bumble but it looked terrible on me, as did Lumiere 2.

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Tulle was like a brownish berry? I really liked the way it looked because I’ve been wearing only red lipsticks, so it was time for a change. Especially since it’s fall, being a bit vampy is always great. This for some reason took a bit longer to dry than the others, but I personally don’t mind because it feels super comfortable on the lips.

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Avenue is the perfect brick red shade, with a slight hint of brown. I couldn’t help myself from buying yet another redI love how it feels as if it isn’t even there. I adore this one for sure.

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More Better

Bad Habit and More Better are very similar looking in the tubes, but Bad Habit is more of a blush/rose toned pink, while More Better is more of a magenta. More Better had a really runny consistency, but I loved the shade! Some product spilled out because it was so runny, but what can you do.. it’s $6.

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Bad Habit

Bad Habit is like a hot pink blended with dusty/ blush rose, but had a great formulation. (I’m telling you each lipstick has such a different formulation and consistency)

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Next, bumble just looked a bit too light on my tanned skin tone. I have no idea why, but it looked nothing like what everyone else had switched from reviews. It’s a bright peachy shade, but when it dries down fully, it actually looked great.

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Lumiere 2

Lumiere 2 was like an insanely nude toned dusty rose shade, and I didn’t think it would look this light. I thought it would’ve been A LOT darker, but that wasn’t the case. This also had a really runny consistency, but didn’t feel very drying.

For me personally, these didn’t feel drying, which was great and for $6 I think they’re well worth the shot. You get a lot of product and the packaging is pretty nice also. I also wouldn’t say they’re smudge proof! Only a few colors are like Avenue and Tulle, but the others were slightly smudgy. Nothing major though, like how a lipstick or stain would transfer. It’s definitely hit or miss with these, but I would recommend them to start off!


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